Roles and Functions

The responsibilities of the Corporation include:

  • Developing, managing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities such as parochial roads, water supplies, drains and gullies, parks, recreational centers, markets, abattoirs, pounds, cemeteries, transportation centers and public sanitary conveniences.
  • Provision of Local services such as Poor Relief, Public Cleansing, Public Health, Street Lighting, Social Water.
  • Regulating powers in respect of building and planning approvals and development centre, licensing of trades and businesses, street parking, control of public vending centres.
  • Co-ordinating inter-agency collaboration among Non-governmental organizations (N.G.O.s) community based organizations (C.B.O.s) and government agencies which operate in the parish and are engaged in the delivery of local service or local development.
  • Support of national policies / development of programmes at the local level.
  • Spearhead plans and initiatives for orderly, balanced and sustainable development of the parish as a whole and major towns in particular for boosting economic activity and local wealth creation in the parish.
  • Organize and stage civic and special events to mark local and national commemorative occasions.