Monthly Road Maintenance Progress Report-Projects Earmarked December 2014

The following progress report pertains to the December 2014 road maintenance and drain construction projects earmarked for completion under the Parochial Revenue Fund.

Road Name Division/Location  Proposed Activity/Cost Actual Date Remarks      
    Description Quantity Unit Amount ($J) Start/Finish        
Cow Pen Frankfield Rehabilitation 400 M $J2,000,000.00 24/01/15-31/01/15 100% complete      
Hanson Town, Bryans Land Spalding Rehabilitation 250 M $J2,000,000.00 20/01/15-27/01/15 100% complete      
Pennants Chapelton Rehabilitation 280 M $J2,000,000.00 23/01/15-30/01/15 100% complete      
White Chapel Mocho Rehabilitation 240 M $J2,000,000.00 12/01/15-20/01/15 100% complete      
Evans Road May Pen East Rehabilitation 280 M $J2,000,000.00   0% complete