Legislations Governing the Parish Council & The Roads & Works Department

There are twelve Acts which informs the functions, mandate and purview of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation’s Roads and Works Department. These include:

  • Parochial Roads Act
  • Local Improvement Act,
  • The Town and Country Planning Act and the Town and Country Planning (Clarendon Municipal Corporation) Development Order
  • The Local Improvement Act (Land Subdivision)
  • Parish Council Building Act
  • The Pound Act
  • Public Cemetery Management And Regulation Act
  • Road Protection Act
  • Town And Country Planning Act
  • Town And Communities Act
  • Town Nuisances Prevention Act
  • Keeping Of Animals Act 

Roads and Building (Technical Services)

  • Road maintenance
  • Minor water supply
  • Building inspection / enforcement
  • Subdivision inspection / enforcement
  • Maintenance of parochial buildings inclusive of markets transportation centres and infirmary [develop maintenance plan for parochial buildings]
  • Management of the Council fleet of vehicles and equipments by ensuring that all vehicles and equipment are properly serviced and maintained.           

Roads (Parochial Infrastructure)

  • Ensure the design and construction and maintenance of infrastructural works conform to established and approved standards.


  • To develop existing cemeteries and make them economically viable
  • To provide a fit and proper place in which bodies are intern.
  • To lay out and embellish the grounds.

Minor Water Supplies

  • To deliver portable water to areas that is not serviced by the National Water Commission pipeline.
  • To harness and distribute portable water from entombed springs and rivers.
  • Provide catchment and wayside tanks to communities that are not otherwise served by NWC system.
  • To protect and maintain compounds on which catchment tanks are situated.

Public Amenities

  • Proper maintenance of all public sanitary conveniences, abattoirs and cemeteries under the Public Health Act.
  • Maintenance of all parks, median strips and green verges under the responsibility of the Parish Council.
  • Maintenance of an Animal Pound in the Parish.

Traffic Management

  • To ensure that traffic signs maintained.
  • To ensure that all markings and directional signs (i.e. 'No Parking', 'Silent Zone' and pedestrian crossings) are in place.
  • To implement a strategy to ease traffic congestion.
  • To establish appropriate facilities for taxi and private parking.
  • To effectively enforce 'No Parking' and other traffic regulations which fall under the Council’s jurisdiction.