Secretary/Manager of the Clarendon Parish Council, Mr. Rowhan Blake, has issued directives for a proposal to be submitted to Council on how to formalise the 2015 Youth Council as an advisory body. The Youth Council comprise of twenty-two young persons who were either selected by Senior Councillors or nominated by their respective schools to represent the parish's twenty-two parish council divisions in a special sitting during Local Government Month in November. Led by the 2015 Youth Mayor, Miss Zada Gordon, the teenagers have expressed an interest in continuing their discussions and lobby for improvements in their divisions into 2016.
Meanwhile the youth councillors organised a treat for the wards of St. Monica's Childrens Home located in Chapelton. The teenagers packed shoe boxes with personal care items, toys and treats for each of the twenty-one wards who live at the home and delivered the packages during a short entertainment programme on Saturday, December 19 .