Clarendon Parish Council to develop Salt River Attraction

The Clarendon Parish Council is to shortly assume ownership of the popular Salt River attraction located along the South-East coast of the parish. The Parish Council has all but secured a twenty-one year lease arrangement for five acres of the property on which the public mineral spring is located.
The deal was struck with current owner, SCJ Holdings.

The Parish Council has in hand a plan to rehabilitate and develop the physical infrastructure and amenities at the natural attraction to be funded at a cost of almost thirty-two million Jamaican dollars.

According to the Council’s Director of Planning, Nickala Thompson the demand of civil society that activities at the public mineral spring be regulated prompted the local authority to seek ownership of the attraction.
‘Civil society required organisation at the site. The development of the facility forms part of the Clarendon Parish Council’s development program for the parish.

When the planned improvements are implemented, the popular Sunday hang-out spot will be transformed into a world-class wellness and recreation facility boasting access to potable water and upgraded bathroom facilities.

Ms. Thompson added that the changes will see an improvement in the overall aesthetics of the facility and better service being delivered to patrons.

She says she expects that patrons will be treated to a ‘different experience and atmosphere’ once add-ons such as boardwalks and life guards are introduced.

The five permanent vendors who currently occupy the property are factored in the development plans for the facility and they will be accommodated provided their operations meet stipulated safety and development guidelines.

The Parish Council anticipates that when fully operational the improved Salt River mineral spring attraction will be self-sustaining.  The attraction will continue to serve locals but will also be robustly marketed as the spark plug for local tourism.