Butchers, Barbers and Hairdressers

All butchers, barbers and hairdressers who practice within the parish of Clarendon are to be licensed by the Clarendon Parish Council.

Any person who slaughter animals and offer their meat for sale should be in possession of a Butcher’s Licence. When visiting the Parish Council to apply for your Butcher’s License go prepared with information such as:
a) The type and number of animals you intend to slaughter
b) The exact location of the premises you intend to do the slaughtering
c) The days and hours of slaughtering as well as
d) The place the meat will be sold

You should take along:
a) Three (3) passport size photographs
b) Two (2) reference letters signed by either a Pastor or a Justice of the Peace (JP)
c) A Letter of Authorisation from the owner of the slaughterhouse permitting you to use the facility if you are not the owner

Your Butcher’s Licence Application form should be completed in quadruplet (four copies), one of which is returned to you, one is retained by the Parish Council and one each is sent to the Police and the Medical Officer of Health. Once you make an application for your Butcher’s Licence you should expect a visit from the Health Department.

You MUST display your copy of the application form affixed with your photograph prominently in your place of operation. The completed application form is however NOT a licence. Remember you are prohibited to do any form of butchering until you are issued the actual licence. Your Butcher’s Licence is issued on the recommendation of the Health Department, the Police and the Parish Council.

Applications are presented at the Local Board of Health Meeting for approval. Once approved, the applicant is invited to visit the Council to sign for his licence. Applicants are required to purchase a Butcher’s Book at the Parish Council for $1000.

Your Butcher’s Book is designed to help you keep good records of your operations. You will be able to make note of activities such as the number of animals slaughtered, the date and purchase of the animals, the names and addresses of the persons to whom you sell meat as well as the purchase price.

Barbers and Hairdressers
All beauty therapists, cosmetologists, hairdressers, barbers and trainees who practise in Clarendon should apply to the Parish Council for a licence to do so legally. A licence is required for Individuals who operate as barbers and hairdressers etc. as well as persons who own salons, beauty parlours and barber shops.

Both categories of applicants (Individuals and Shop Owners) must be holders of a valid Health Certificate in order to qualify for a Licence. A receipt from the Health Department indicating that an application has been made is usually accepted at the time of applying. However you MUST present your Health Certificate when you return to collect your licence. First-time applicants must also present their Certificate of Training.

Applicants must submit two passport-size photographs (for first-time Individual applicants and both new and returning Shop Licence applicants) or one photograph (for Individuals applying for a renewal).

Each application for a Licence is assigned a unique number which becomes the applicant’s licence number. This number is inter-transferrable between the Individual and Shop Licence.

For a detail list of the current fees for Barber's, Hairdresser's and Butcher's Licences applications click here: http://clarendonpc.gov.jm/fees/barbers-hairdressers or http://clarendonpc.gov.jm/fees/butchers